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      Explore our unique collection of global whiskies, featuring exquisite flavors and unmatched craftsmanship from around the world.

      Delve into an array of distinctive whiskies that go beyond the traditional Scotch, Irish, and American varieties, and indulge in the exceptional character and charm of each bottle. Cheers to expanding your palate and discovering new, unforgettable whiskies!

      While Scotch whisky, Irish whiskey, Canadian Whisky and American Bourbon and rye might be best-sellers, quality whisky is made all over the world. Goa in India and Tasmania in Australia are becoming known for quality whisky, as are Japan and Taiwan. International whisky can be made in a recognised style with local terroir and character, or can be a creative approach to an aged grain spirit.

      International whisky can come from many countries, including Australia , Japan, Taiwan and India. It's often in a double-distilled style single malt style associated with Scotland, but can be made with all sorts of local twists.

      Some of the most beloved whiskies from outside the hotspots of Scotland, Ireland, Canada & the USA include Japan's Yamazaki whisky and the cult whiskies of Bill Lark and Sullivan's Cove in Australia - some of these have been recognised as among the best in the world.

      While Australian whisky is usually (not always!) made in the same style as Scotch single malt whisky, the Australian environment can't help but influence the process. Australian whisky can take on more oak flavour and colour more quickly, with hotter temperatures and higher diurnal variation. Sometimes the local fauna can have an effect, as when Tasmanian peat in used in some Tasmanian whiskies.