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Mini Alcohol Bottles

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      Good things come in small packages! Our range of mini alcohol bottles and tasting packs are great for gifting or for collectors. Enjoy your favourite whisky, gin, tequila, liqueur or other spirit in a miniature format. Our miniature tasting packs allow you or a special someone to sample a range of related spirits.

      These make perfect party favours or even decorations for your home or event - get creative with the empties and craft your own fairy lights or Christmas decorations. Give a cute alcohol gift or even stock your own minibar. Also great for decorating cakes!

      Popular with hotels, on long-range transport, and with collectors and gift-givers, miniature alcohol bottles or miniatures are small bottles, usually 50mL, containing a single serving or two small servings of spirit or liqueur.

      Collectors often enjoy the ingenuity involved in copying the design of a larger-format bottle - there's something cute about the relatively oversized cap and text!

      Miniature alcohol bottles are available for all popular spirit types and many liqueurs. Common varieties include gin, Scotch or Irish whisky, bourbon, cognac, vodka, rum, Irish cream, triple sec, gin, tequila and more.

      Miniature alcohol bottles are popular the world over - you may have seen them on a plane or in a hotel minibar. You can find just about any popular spirit or liqueur in this format, from Scotch whisky like Johnnie Walker to European liqueurs like Jägermeister or Chambord. Whether you like gin, tequila, whisky, bourbon, rum, cognac or liqueurs, there's a miniature-format bottle out there for you.

      Miniature bottles are sometimes also called nips or nip bottles. This is a different term for the same thing! You may also see these called minibar bottles, airline bottles, minis or travel-sized bottles.