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      Shop our collection of dry gin here. We've got everything from stone-cold classic London Dry Gins like Tanqueray, Bombay and Gordons, to innovative and creative expressions from Japan, Australia, Germany and more. Try a gift pack with matching glass, perfect for birthdays and big occasions.

      Dry gin, as a category, is wide-open - since a heavy tariff in the 18th century forced English distillers to standardise a category of crisp, clean juniper spirit to sate the public's demand for French brandy (up north, the Scottish category of Scotch whisky was heating up for the same reason), the only requirement is a strong, colourless spirit flavoured with juniper and other botanicals. Which botanicals are chosen, and how they're infused, is completely up to the distiller!

      It's this level of flexibility and the lower barrier to entry - no barrel-aging needed! - that's inspired a recent explosion of craft gins from small distillers. Here, we've got offerings from Brookies, in Byron Bay, and a selection of gins from Hickson Rd in Sydney and Four Pillars in Melbourne, plus Japanese, Irish and Italian craft gins.

      Of course, the big British distillers are still around, and slinging both their classic recipes plus all sorts of updates. If you or someone you love loves a Tanqueray and tonic, we can sort that right out - we'll even suggest the premium Tanqueray Ten expression and some of our dried-citrus cocktail garnishes!

      Secret Bottle ships gin anywhere in Australia, from the smallest towns and most remote stations to the hustle and bustle of the big cities. We're always happy to provide advice if needed, and pack our parcels securely with recyclable packaging to keep your gin safe for that special party, event, gift, or just enjoying at home.

      Dry gin is a distilled, colourless spirit flavoured with juniper and other botanicals. This spirit was first associated with London, and the style is still sometimes referred to as London Dry, but quality dry gins both traditional and innovative are distilled and enjoyed worldwide.

      Common flavourings for gin other than juniper include cardamom, citrus peel, angelica root, coriander seed, and licorice.

      London Dry Gin remains the most popular style of gin worldwide, and mainstays like Tanqueray, Bombay and Gordon's still sell best. Craft gins are becoming increasingly popular, as are Japanese gins that usually make use of local botanicals.

      All dry gin is gin, but not all gin is dry gin. Dry gin is the world's most popular style, and contains no residual sugar, giving a sharpness and clarity to the botanical expression.

      Various forms of sweet gin exist, from flavoured expressions of mainstream gins that add a little sugar to traditional infused gins such as sloe gin. One example is Genever, a slightly sweet barrel-aged juniper spirit from the Netherlands.