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      The much-loved blending house that brought such favourites as the Original Chivas, the gorgeous Royal Salute and luxurious Chivas XV. The Chivas brothers, James and John, entered the grocery business just as whisky was legalised in the United Kingdom, and became some of the first expert blenders in the world.

      Over time, the signature product of Chivas became a 25-year-old blended whisky, then a 12-year-old blended whisky as demand for Scotch whisky skyrocketed. Both 12- and 25-year-old blends are available from Chivas today, as well as some truly venerable superpremium expressions!

      Chivas Regal are one of the oldest names in blended whisky, operating as blenders and marketers of whisky ever since the legalisation of the Scotch whisky industry in 1823. Their warm, velvety-smooth blends are loved the world over.

      Chivas offers a range of whiskies, with their original Chivas Regal 12YO being the star. Expressions such as Chivas XV and Chivas XIII are extra-aged for a deeper flavour, and the Royal Salute range represents the best of the best high-end Chivas blending.

      The original Chivas Regal 12YO whisky isn't just one of the Chivas' most popular, but one of the world's most popular premium blended whiskies - and the original! The distinctive shield and crossed pikes marking Chivas Regal are recognised the world over as the sign of a reliably phenomenal whisky.

      The Royal Salute range is made by Chivas in honour of the traditions and tastes of British monarchy. The same minds are involved, with Royal Salute being a super-premium offshoot or sub-brand with distinctively delightful porcelain bottles.