A bottle of david Franz "108 Varieties Red Rosé", an Australian rosé wine from the Barossa Valley region. The bottle is wrapped in red tissue paper, printed nearly all-over with lighthearted explanatory text.

david Franz 108 Varieties Red Rosé

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Aroma & Palate Juicy, with fresh red fruit, vanilla and cinnamon
Varietal Too many to list!
Style Loud & funky
What the Experts Say

(Review is of the 2015 vintage)

Remarkable stuff here, really, 108 grape varieties join forces in this rose wine. What a thing! Rare breed.

It’s a wild one, full of personality, charisma loud and proud, the Opera singer and not a chess player. Bouquet is a garish fog of red currants, pomegranate, cherries, cranberry, I smell clove, cinnamon and cola too. The palate has chomp and totally wonderful bitterness, like a curious Campari it rolls on its chalky hinges and finishes with a relaxed puddle of red and orangey juicy things. Wonderful drinking. Man, so good.

93/100 - Mike Bennie, The Wine Front

Our Notes

Yep, 108 varieties - more than most of us have tasted, probably more than most of us can name! And how’s that experiment play out?

Well, Mr Franz calls this one a “Red Rosé”, and it’s not your typical crisp and summery type of pink but a rich and creamy drop with fruit salad on the nose and vivid blackcurrant. More autumnal than a typical rosé that might call out for Spring. 

Winemakers Comments

Perfectly ripe raspberries and toffee apples soar gracefully over a potpourri of fragrant rose petal, Turkish delight with a cheeky hint of yeasty autolysis and harmonious oak peeking out underneath.

2017 brings the vinous components of this vibrant wine to an epic ‘One Hundred and Eight Varieties’ aka the 2017 Red Rosé saga. “But Dave,” I hear you say “…that’s just too INSANE TO BE TRUE!!!” Well, dear potential drinker, what you (with a simple click) hold in your hand is proof irrefutable that ‘au contraire’, it is not only possible but absolutely delicious as well!

 About the Winery

Led by mad scientist vigneron david Franz (capitalisation, or lack thereof, deliberate) of the well-known Lehman winemaking family, david Franz's approach combines premium Barossa Valley fruit and know-how generations in the making with an experimental and sometimes irreverant approach to blending, production, and presentation.




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